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A Quiet Revival: A Theological Biography

Geoffrey Bingham (1919–2009) is one who has been to the edges of life, and has found what is at its centre. Here is God’s deep work of love and grace in a human being, flowing out richly to bring blessing into the lives of many others. A keen observer of humanity—as boy and man, soldier, prisoner of war, farmer, husband and father, grandfather and great-grandfather, pastor and missionary, teacher and counsellor, theologian, poet, and writer of short stories, essays and novels—Geoffrey Bingham has sought to accord to human persons their true God-given honour and dignity, against anything that would belittle or demean them. With the proclamatory voice of a reviving evangelist , the keen mind of a questing scholar, and the unstinting heart of a loving pastor, he has brought through prophetically and at depth, to all who will hear, the grace of the triune God, grounded in the cross of Christ, according to ‘the whole counsel of God’, with a view to the ultimate community of God with His people. This theological biography draws extensively on Geoffrey’s own writings, and on the testimonies of those who knew him, to bring readers face to face with the man, and his teaching, and the God he proclaims. Continue reading

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Dear Death—or Dark Devourer?

As a dear friend is in her final days of life in this world, I am reminded of the truthful words of Jesus: ‘I am the resurrection and the life. Those who believe in me, even though they die, will … Continue reading

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The Christian life commences as we recognise and acknowledge that Jesus Christ is the Lord, of life and of death, and that now ascended He rules over the world—the whole creation – with the Father, together with the Spirit of … Continue reading

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Luther’s Preface to the Romans

The famous preacher, John Wesley was, with great relief, secured once and for all, in the Christian Life as he heard the reading of Martin Luther’s Preface to the Romans. 295_Luther_Romans (Download for FREE) This is what John Wesley recorded in … Continue reading

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Rejoice in the Lord Always

‘It seems strange that we should be commanded to joy! Joy, we generally think, is something which comes unbidden and spontaneously. This may often be so, but it is not always the case. Human beings are often negative, and tend towards the difficult and mournful in life. Those who believe in God have to be commanded to faith—‘Have faith in God!’ —and likewise need to be commanded to see things as they truly are, and not as man so often misjudges them to be. This is not to say that there are not many reasons for sorrow, but joy should be the underlying state of all persons of faith.’ (Geoffrey Bingham) Continue reading

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Karl Barth – And War 1941

Maybe you are a Pacifist, now, and you anticipate being one, for all time. You may have cause to change your mind. Some Christians with great minds have had cause to do so. “We Christians do not accept this war … Continue reading

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Muslims and Islam 1 and 2

The following Free PDF Pamphlets are written by Geoff Bingham, who worked in Pakistan for 10 years, with the sort of wisdom we need today, as we discuss and respond to the matter of Muslim people and the ideology of … Continue reading

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Christ’s Cross

Of all the events in human history, the crucifixion of Jesus, upon a wooden cross, is central and essential to the human race. My friend Geoffrey Bingham has expounded as well as anyone I know, what happened up there upon … Continue reading

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The Things We Firmly Believe

I believe it was Marcus Loane who said that if he was a young man, starting out in the matters of Theology, this is the one book he would want to have on his shelf: The Things We Firmly Believe … Continue reading

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Comprehending the Resurrection

This link 368Resurrection is a free download PDF book by Geoffrey Bingham, on  ‘Comprehending the Resurrection’.  It is very readable, and important for all in the human race to know, and rejoice in. Indeed it is life-changing, rightly understood. The Resurrection of … Continue reading

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