The Christian life commences as we recognise and acknowledge that Jesus Christ is the Lord, of life and of death, and that now ascended He rules over the world—the whole creation – with the Father, together with the Spirit of God—the Holy Spirit.

Christians find their lives changing as they follow Jesus, the Christ. They even begin to tighten, and discipline, rethink and refocus their actions, to be more like his ways:

  • They begin to marvel and respond to the Lordship of Christ
  • They want to follow him, and to do his will in our lives.
  • They follow the Master of Life and Death,
  • They like Being with the Friend and the Justifier of foolish ones, Jesus
  • They thank the one praying for forgiveness to count for us who are sinners
  • They talk to Jesus about their life, and seek his ways.

This is called Discipleship.  It is not a slack following, but often a costly one. It is not a heavy deal, but  delightful one, as the Spirit continues to surprise and organise and guide. It includes suffering for the truth of Jesus – who he is, and what he has done!

A disciple of Jesus, is “an undistracted learner”.

Once again, my friend Geoffrey Bingham, has written a good little book on discipleship:

Discipleship: Doom or Delight?

About Trevor

I lived at Myponga South, in South Australia, until I was 5. I started year one at Myponga Primary School when I was 4. I loved to play rounders, hand-tennis, football, brandy, red-rover cross over, tennis, table tennis, and even softball. I had a crack at cricket for a few years. In my first match I made 4 runs. I could bowl, but the run rate didn't improve much. I attended Willinga High School. Our farm had "almost" the first bulk-milk vat in South Australia. And we even got a cement track so the truck could get up the hill to collect the milk. Enough for now.
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