Dear Death—or Dark Devourer?

As a dear friend is in her final days of life in this world, I am reminded of the truthful words of Jesus: ‘I am the resurrection and the life. Those who believe in me, even though they die, will live, and everyone who lives and believes in me will never die.’   More amazing words we can hardly know.

Then Jesus asked: ‘Do you believe this’. We may repeat his question, far and wide.

Here is a good little book on death and dying, and it also has a fascinating little story at the end of the book, called ‘The Stranger in the Cemetery’.

FREE Download: Dear Death or Dark Devourer

About Trevor

I lived at Myponga South, in South Australia, until I was 5. I started year one at Myponga Primary School when I was 4. I loved to play rounders, hand-tennis, football, brandy, red-rover cross over, tennis, table tennis, and even softball. I had a crack at cricket for a few years. In my first match I made 4 runs. I could bowl, but the run rate didn't improve much. I attended Willinga High School. Our farm had "almost" the first bulk-milk vat in South Australia. And we even got a cement track so the truck could get up the hill to collect the milk. Enough for now.
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1 Response to Dear Death—or Dark Devourer?

  1. Liked and downloaded. I can hear Geoffrey Bingham in my LT memory expounding on this topic. I used to have the book, but had to give everything paper away when I went to Thailand four years ago. Now I have it again in a form I can read. Thanks.

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