The Wrath of His Love

One of the most helpful small, but thoroughly well thought through treatments of the biblical notion of God’s Wrath, and of God’s Love, is found in Geoffrey Bingham’s book: ‘The Wrath of His Love”.

392_WrathOfLove   (<—- Free Download)

One statement which warrants close attention is the claim that:

“…the modern saying, ‘God hates the sin but loves the sinner’ is simply not true. Sin is done from the will of the sinner and it is the action of the sinner which God hates and He does not separate what is done from the doer. Evil is always and only ever personal” (p. 24).

Not many people today, teach such rich and important insights, with biblical faithfulness, and in a way which draws one to the gospel and the freedom God gives to humanity in it.

Please take a copy and pass it on.


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I lived at Myponga South, in South Australia, until I was 5. I started year one at Myponga Primary School when I was 4. I loved to play rounders, hand-tennis, football, brandy, red-rover cross over, tennis, table tennis, and even softball. I had a crack at cricket for a few years. In my first match I made 4 runs. I could bowl, but the run rate didn't improve much. I attended Willinga High School. Our farm had "almost" the first bulk-milk vat in South Australia. And we even got a cement track so the truck could get up the hill to collect the milk. Enough for now.
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1 Response to The Wrath of His Love

  1. Trevor says:

    That quote cited as being on page 24, in ‘The Wrath of His Love’ is actually on page 20 of the printed book (I notice that the PDF has not been carefully edited and has a few blank pages).

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