A Story of Fire

The movement of the Spirit of God across the land of Australia—the Great Southland of the Holy Spirit—has brought about some amazing changes in the communities of the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders.

Some of the great stories of personal – and community transformation, are recorded in this book:

215_StoryFire    (PDF – free download)

“By far the most dramatic and spectacular of the Aboriginal Christian movements has been the Charismatic Renewal Movement, starting from Galiwin’ku on Elcho Island, spreading through Arnhem Land, and later through the Warburton Ranges and other parts of Western Australia. This began soon after the Commonwealth Government’s policy of self-management was implemented by the missions, especially when the Uniting Church handed over the work of preaching and teaching the Christian message to a trained Aboriginal pastor in 1976. There was a new confidence developing as the Christians saw their own leaders take responsibility, and develop and use gifts of preaching, teaching, healing, song writing and singing. This confidence was built up as Christian groups travelled to other communities, and saw the message received with joy and enthusiasm by their own tribal groups and by others who spoke different languages, and even by those who had traditionally been hostile.” (page 27)

It is freely available here for  download, here as a PDF file, which works ok as an e-book! Take, and read.


About Trevor

I grew up at Myponga, as the a son of dairy farming parents. I joined the South Australian Police Force. I later returned home to manage the family dairy farm. Having believed the good news, I now see its centrality and necessity to human life, and to our participation with proper hope in the world we live in. I teach Christian faith.
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