The Day of the Spirit

The word ‘spirit’ receives widespread usage today.  It is often a bit of a ‘catch-all’ word. Like ‘the spirit of Anzac’ or ‘the Olympic spirit’. In the bible it is the uniqueness of the ‘Holy Spirit’ that confronts us.  Jesus said it was essential to be “born” of the Spirit to have any clue of what he was, …as we say ‘banging on about!’ Haha.

Here is a very good (free) descriptive book about that Spirit.


You can download this book at the end of this blog-post.

One of the most important aspects of human life, is to know the person and work of the Holy Spirit. The Spirit interprets to us, the meaning of the cross of Jesus, and his resurrection.

The Spirit’s activity, while eternal, can be seen, through faith, as it relates to:

(1) history, and creation; the Spirit is a crucial member of the Triune Godhead,

(2) the life and ministry of Jesus of Nazareth, and

(3) the ongoing ministry of Jesus, seen from the book of Acts ….and well beyond.

Since the Day of Pentecost we have been living in the era of the Spirit.

Jesus is Living; his ministry comes personally to the lives of all Christian people today, and in the global community—indeed over all creation (Genesis 1, Romans 8).

To read Acts 2, and Genesis 1, and to consider the works of God by the power of the Holy Spirit, and to be filled anew with the Spirit of God,  is to become newly aware of and availing ourselves of, this indispensable matter in the life of every human being.

Prayer: Come Holy Spirit and renew the whole creation! (For that is the great plan).

Download a free copy of this magnificent book, with one click:

044DayofSpirit  * Free Download


About Trevor

I lived at Myponga South, in South Australia, until I was 5. I started year one at Myponga Primary School when I was 4. I loved to play rounders, hand-tennis, football, brandy, red-rover cross over, tennis, table tennis, and even softball. I had a crack at cricket for a few years. In my first match I made 4 runs. I could bowl, but the run rate didn't improve much. I attended Willinga High School. Our farm had "almost" the first bulk-milk vat in South Australia. And we even got a cement track so the truck could get up the hill to collect the milk. Enough for now.
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