New Creation Teaching Ministry

March 17, 2019

The New Creation Teaching Ministry (Blackwood, South Australia) with Geoffrey Bingham‘s material, and other materials from other NCTM teachers, are now in a new online Library. It is still called, New Creation Library.

——>    The new website is hosted here:

 A 500mb zip-file can be downloaded onto your computer at this site:  ZIP-file

And also here:

Please email, or Facebook me, if you need any of the books or songs passed on.



Trevor Faggotter


About Trevor

I lived at Myponga South, in South Australia, until I was 5. I started year one at Myponga Primary School when I was 4. I loved to play rounders, hand-tennis, football, brandy, red-rover cross over, tennis, table tennis, and even softball. I had a crack at cricket for a few years. In my first match I made 4 runs. I could bowl, but the run rate didn't improve much. I attended Willinga High School. Our farm had "almost" the first bulk-milk vat in South Australia. And we even got a cement track so the truck could get up the hill to collect the milk. Enough for now.
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2 Responses to New Creation Teaching Ministry

  1. Peter Bowey says:

    I am pleased to inform everyone that I have created a dedicated web site for the original New Creation Teaching Ministry website. The permanent link is:

    Please note the older link as will remain to automatically re-direct visitors to the new and permanent web site for NCTM.

    With thanks to Robert Randall, I will be adding adding monthly reports from Sermon Audio to the NCTM site.

    Blessings and Grace,

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