The Revelation of John, is the last book of the bible. It contains a simple promise that those who read it aloud—and receive what the Father, Son and Spirit are saying—will be blessed.  Of course, one would need to hear it with faith, and trust the Risen LORD, listening to what God is doing, and saying through this unusual book.  It is a unique style of writing known as apocalyptic literature (like parts of Ezekiel and Daniel). It unveils. It reveals. It is God’s revelation to us.


It is a valuable, and an important part of God’s written Word. Revelation has sometimes been ignored by the church.  It has often been subject to some fairly weird and unhelpful, even bizarre interpretive schemes.  George Bernard Shaw once described the Book as ‘the ravings of a drug addict’. It can appear that way. 

The revelation was given to speak to the churches of the day. It also speaks to our churches today (in their faithfulness, their weakness and their error), and assists us to understand and embrace both the good plan of God, and be more aware of the ‘beastly powers’ (human, political, economic, and demonic) that are at work in opposition to God.

This commentary, by Geoff Bingham is a very helpful book, and has two distinct parts:

(1) In the first half of the book, it draws upon the insights of many other good scholars, and has a verse-by-verse commentary looking at the whole book, within the context of the entire biblical framework.

(2) It contains 16 essays in the second half of the book. These will help the reader, the pastor and the church to have an enlarged view of the battle, of the profound effects of the prayers of God’s people, and of the great goal of history.  More importantly it gives a grand view of the victory of Christ’s Cross—now unfolding in the Spirit’s power.

Here is a copy for you to share for free – click to download:

Revelation-Commentary/Essays GC Bingham




About Trevor

I grew up at Myponga, as the a son of dairy farming parents. I joined the South Australian Police Force. I later returned home to manage the family dairy farm. Having believed the good news, I now see its centrality and necessity to human life, and to our participation with proper hope in the world we live in. I teach Christian faith.
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