Christology is the study of the Person and Work of Jesus Christ. It is a great subject. It opens to a person the glory, wonder, joy, power, and presence of the Triune God: Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

One of the best, most unusual books on Christology is the one by Geoffrey Bingham, entitled: Christ and the Triune Glory.

Christ Triune Cover.jpg


(Click … to Download, free).

It is of note that Geoff has chapter headings which begin in Chapter 3 with ‘The Person and Work of Christ: The Incarnation—1’.

He continues repeating the term ‘The Incarnation‘ in each Chapter heading as he goes on to discuss,

The Work of the Cross, The Work of the Resurrection, The Work of the Ascension and Session, and even The Work of the Parousia.  I repeat.  All are ‘The Incarnation’!

These chapters were originally lectures, or teaching sessions given to pastors.

You can download a copy for free.  Enjoy.

About Trevor

I grew up at Myponga, as the a son of dairy farming parents. I joined the South Australian Police Force. I later returned home to manage the family dairy farm. Having believed the good news, I now see its centrality and necessity to human life, and to our participation with proper hope in the world we live in. I teach Christian faith.
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